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May 01, 2013


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Tamara Jeanne Babao-Sadgrove

I totally agree with you and the angle you chose for your article.I feel for the many PNG girls and woman that never feel valued and treasured by their fathers,brothers,grandfathers,partners etc.They are merely seen as a burden,an object to sell or purchase,use and abuse.My heart is heavy for all our girls and woman as their futures are not bright in relation to violence against woman and girls it seems to get worse for us every year.Whoever said PNG is a Christian Country is a Liar!Woman are constantly under attack privately and publically as if we are the enemy.Proud Meri PNG!!

Jenni Bottrell

You say, "I posted a comment a few days ago about how the way we characterize the rapists and murderers in these cases as ‘animals’ only fuels the way they think of themselves" yet later in the article you ask us to, "ask yourself why this would never
have come from a PNG father." Does this not equally categorise each and every PNG man as "the sort" who rape and murder and allow it to happen,

We need voices crying out against violence in women in PNG and anywhere else, but equally we need to recognise that there are decent, upright PNG men who are horrified by the violence and who are bringing up their sons and daughters to stand against it.

Those are PNG tru and we should be affirming and supporting them.

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