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October 07, 2009


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To readers of Nancy's blog, a post on The Garamut which further explores this issue with the example of a senior PNG statesman being assaulted by a Chinese national in Rabaul, ENB:


gu kai

i am Gu Kai and read your story tasol


Thanks John--People like you see the real problem on the ground (I just hear about it). But I still get responses from people in person and on the blog that insist Im overreacting, and of course RH has called me a 'racist'---but it is frightening how much consent money musters.

John Reuben Tenn

Great work Nancy. Well researched article on the Chinese. I am a geologist and miner by profession and I couldn'tt believe my eyes when I saw thugs working with thongs and sand shoes at the so called billion dollar Ramu investment. Growing up under Canadian/Australian safety standards, it is a laughing stock to see Somare's inherited tribesman.I have also explored for minerals and landed in some of the remote logging camps the Malaysians are operating. It's another eye sore - pathetic work environments. Oh, not to mention the "entertainment centres" the logging tyrants operate where the local girls, most in lower teens, give "service" to the loggers at decent prices. It hurts deep in the heart when Somare family dines and wines with Rimbuan Hinjau and PNG politicans protect these tyrants. Before long, some non-english speaking "boss" commands the foreginers (my crew and me)to leave as we were said to be a hazard in their work place.
Oh, heavens, how this happens in PNG where I treasure as paradise forever.

Grand Chief

You're right Nancy. We need political will to seriously address corruption.

Tired old Grand Thief must retire and enjoy some of those loot before kicking the bucket. He and Thai fugitive Thakshin can go on clandestine flights around the world and enjoy the remainder of their spoils from public office.

Didn't they plan for this trip last week up at Wewak?


Thanks Tavurvur---I appreciate your comments. Now that Ive eenhere something like 23 years, in fact, I have no less love or respect for PNG, but can see more and more clearly how powwer corrupts absolutely. We need a new govt leader, and the political will to make our laws get their teeth back!


Excellent article Nancy. You've touched on a number of topics that have/are/will influence PNG greatly. These are important issues that need to be addressed.

Seeing that you've been in PNG for 19years and you have managed the progress our country has made, what do you think should be done regarding your above article?




Coruption is stuffing PNG. The rich get richer and the poor who already have nothing are being suppresed.

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