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March 02, 2010


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Dear, dear, dear, dear me.

Well, the band of thieves has met again so that they can plot their next move. The Catholic Church has always been able to excuse its criminals by a mere sip of the communion wine.

But it now appears that a new instrument for absolution is at hand - the ubiquitious Stat Dec. Luckily, I have a full colour model, and I must set up a number of them - perhaps one for bank robberies, one for fraud, perhaps one or two for incest, rape, and other assorted minor infractions, and I'll keep a special one for when I really offend God, perhaps when I drop an anvil on my toe and yell "shit that hurt". Does he/ she have an email address ?

I believe putting Peter Barter as the head of the AIDS Council was a wise move, considering the disease started among the homosexuals of San Francisco.

Is there a branch office in Madang ?

Its good to know the fox is in charge of the hen house.

Bam Moki

They're all thieves in their own special way. Peanut Butter (Pita Barter) is a scoundrel in his own right, gets big money payoffs from the government for providing meagre workshop and similar services. His business would have died long ago if not for the constant underhanded subsidies, he's no different than Peter Yama and his ability to steal fast enough to keep at least some of his businesses afloat.

Grand Chief

Sounds more like the Grand Thief and his band of thieves confiding on their next move.

Czuba should be very careful not to jeopardise the future of his sheep back at the uni by hanging out with unholy men of questionable characters. Perhaps someone should alert Rome about his dealings here.

Yes mama, yu tok tru. Displa em ino stret!

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