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May 18, 2010


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Claire Slatter

Great critique of Diamond, Nancy. Thanks!!


I remember in Honolulu Community College where my white professor with a class room of various shades of skin touted Guns Germs and Steel and I knew it sounded a bit like B.S. - thanks for confirming what I had already felt about Diamond's 'whitewash' of history!

Apuleius Platonicus

What an extraordinary post! My mind has been boggled before, but I don't think it has ever been this boggled.

I happened along here while doing "research" (googling) inspired by a recent BBC story about "human sacrifice" in Uganda. That led me to looking into other media stories about (real and imagined) "human sacrifice", which led me to the story of Steven "Black Jesus" Tari.


Dont think Steven Tari is connected to Yali. Yali had his own intention of the Raikos Rehabiliation Shceme, he wanted his people to live a healthy living. Unfortunetly the people thought he could bring cargo goods to them. Tari had his own intention and I dont think it is connected to Yali. So Tari why calling Yali's name to cover up your bad deeds.

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