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March 03, 2013


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Thank you Nancy for this. Keep on revealing. We don't need RH in Mining too, had enough of them.


I am very sad to hear this news. This is a terrible development, what can be done?
Edmundo Edwards,Easter Island.

Kenn Mondiai

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for posting this up. Its very scary when I see RH now going into mining in PNG, as they have a very poor record in the forestry sector and the PNG Govt needs to think about the serious long term implications their involvement in mining will have on the PNG landscape and also their Australian partner....its about time they know the truth about RH and what they did and are continuously doing in the forestry sector in PNG.

As for the people of PNG, FYI, the Karawai Area on the headwaters of a major tributaries of the Sepik river is an area of national and international heritage and cultural significance that urgently needed protection as the area holds many limestone caves with cultural adn historic values yet to be fully documented. nancy has done well by doing work up there and she needs to be supported and we all need to support her and her team to ensure any mining exploration work in the area is excluded from the caves and there is a buffer around the caves for protection.

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