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March 12, 2013


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Destruction of heritage brings rootlesness and eventual loss of identity. Loss of identity contributes to social breakdown seen in many parts of PNG. Short sighted financial gain to the loss of cultural heritage will be regretted by future generations. It is time for grass roots concern for cultural heritage and standing up to multinationals and government policy bullying for their own short term gain. Change in the globalised economy is inevitable, but it does not need to sacrifice historic and sacred culrural sights or practices. Leave this sacred sight alone for today's and future generations.

Edwin Wavu

We have to protect our Bird of Paradise and stop long and mining.


The leaders of our day should preserve some of our minerals for future generations. The way we are going is as if we are to pack and leave and that there is no hope for tomorrow living in PNG. I plead to people from mineral resource areas to tell govt about this and stop exploitation.

Steve Diprose

Please leave these people and their culture alone!


Please Prime Minister na ol gutpela MPs stopim wok mining long dispela hap Upper Karawari/Arafundi. History, culture na identity blong mipela bai igo long we moa long wanwan liklik moni bai mipela kisim long wok mining, kaikai long nau tasol na bai pinis tumoro. tenk yu long Harim liklik tingting blong mipela.......

PRiscilla Murr

Shocking how little respect we have for what is truly valuable in the human spirit. Short sighted goals of greed and gain destroy things of incomparable value.

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