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September 19, 2013


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large companies do not care about people

Some facts

Hear what the Church has to say:

Some facts

This is an appallingly ignorant post. Go to the PNGSDP website and inform yourself of how it actually works, and what it has done over the last 10 years.

PNGSDP is a charitable trust and all of its funds are held in trust for the people of Western Province. BHP no longer has any control whatsoever over PNGSDP or Ok Tedi.

PNGSDP is obliged by its constitution and the law to spend the money for the benefit of the people of PNG and especially Western Province. (The money in the Long Term fund is to be spent supporting the province for 40 years after the mine closes.) They have spent over a billion kina in the last 10 years on over 600 development projects in Western Province and elsewhere, and are the second largest aid organization in PNG, after Ausaid. (Compare what PNGSDP has done for the people of the Western Provice with what the PNG government has done in the same period.) PNGSDP is obliged by law to produce detailed reports on how it spends the money, and they do so: they are publicly available for anyone to read. You should do so.

BHP did get immunity from ongoing prosecution when the agreement was setup, and what they did in return was to transfer an asset worth billions of US dollars to the people of the Western Province. People can have different views about that merits of that exchange, but it was the opinion of the PNG government at the time that if BHP shut down the mine and withdrew (as they wanted to), that would be a disaster for the PNG economy.

Pacific Flash

The PNG Government is concerned about the citizens, the distribution of the wealth and the environmental damage caused. So far BHP has no care attitude and many lives have been lost especially through pollution. Its good for the government to take control on the mine.

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