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September 02, 2013


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Bob Hall

Very little benefit to the real owners of this country. What little money, (Absolute bottom of the wage structure) the workers get, most of it probably goes to buying the same product they put in a can the day before. These operations destroy the resource, their operations damage the environment, seen and unseen and they damage the livelihood of the real owners of the land who have traditionally engaged in sustainable small scale industry for decades or even centuries.
We complained decades ago when the long line boats were all fishing in PNG. Goodness me, they are nothing in comparison to these purse seiners that are being used now. In fact, if there is to be a Foreign industry, it should be limited to longlining. At least dolphins, whales and turtles do not get hooked, yet they are a minor part of the real damage.
Just look what the seiners have done to the rest of the world's fisheries.

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